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DJ YeffdiLago a.k.a. Yeffrey van der Ven was born on 29 April 1990 in Schiedam a town near Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
At a young age Yeff was very busy with music, but finally on his 18th year, his hobby really expressed when he bought himself a professional DJ set up.
Allowing the first gig's and party's brought in!

Yeff started running as a party DJ, but at a later stage he wanted more people to listen to his unique sounds in Clubs.
After adding multiple Genre's to his collection the music style of YeffdiLago is quite diverse and it's entirely up to the location, the people and atmosphere what kind of music is played. But YeffdiLago always spins his records with his own addicted style!!

Although YeffdiLago has his Specialties:
Tech house, Deep House, Latin House, Progressive and Electro.

From the underground to the entertaining side of music!

After spinning in several pubs, bars and nightclubs, YeffdiLago also wants to produce his own sound!
Since early 2012, YeffdiLago started produce music at his home-studio, right now at this moment YeffdiLago is studying (EDM Producer/Sound Designer) at music school EMstudios AOS in Rotterdam to learn the technical and engineering side of sound!
Played at
  • The new revolution (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Beurs (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Viproom (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Hollywood (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Club Laxx (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Club Eclipse (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Eau Lounge (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Club Tof (Gouda, The Netherlands)
  • De Amstelbron (Schiedam, The Netherlands)
  • Havana (Schiedam, The Netherlands)
  • De Pacha (Schiedam, The Netherlands)
  • Maasboulevardfeesten 2012 (Schiedam, The Netherlands)
  • Meiden van jan (Vlaardingen, The Netherlands)
  • Cafe Leffers (Vlaardingen, The Netherlands)
  • Club Showtime (Vlaardingen, The Netherlands)

  • And many more to come!
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